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Welcome to the Lambda Chapter at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Please use the links above to navigate around the site and make sure to visit our Events page for upcoming and ongoing events. If you are interested in joining, check out our rush page for more information. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments abour our website or sorority.

Congratulations to our newest Lamba Pi Class. Python Pis! Congrats to their PE Christina Wongbuphanimitr and bigs Carmen Matos, Melissa Teng, and Beverly Tan! Rock those letters with pride and welcome to eternal sisterhood!

#55 Lauren Echiverri *Emotion*
#56 Gina Wong *Sancerre*
#57 Jimin Choe *Moonstruck*

August 07 - Jannet Liang *Sicily*
August 12 - Angela Yeh *Takara*
August 15 - Ahyoung Jenny Shin *Ionia*
August 21 - Esther Lee *Juliénas*
August 25 - Elisa Hui *SoBe*

August 28 - Judy Yoo *Wink*
August 29 - Jimin Choe *Moonstruck*

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